WLDF World Championships ’19

WOW what an amazing event

Firstly, thank you to everyone who came to Stratford-upon-Avon for the WLDF World Championships.
The positive vibes between Dancers, Teachers, Mammies, Daddies and WLDF staff were amazing. This year we were blown away by the high standard from literally every dancer who attended. From the early prelim stages right through to the finals, the standard was through the roof at the WLDF World Championships. So Dancers take a bow, take a bow to an amazing competition.
WLDF has grown so much over the last few years and we are so delighted to let you know that we are at the forefront of the industry. Lyrical Dance as a dance style is getting more popular and the popularity is growing WORLDWIDE.
This August dancers came from Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Iceland, South Africa and Ireland for the World Lyrical Dance Championships.
For some dance schools and indeed some countries it was their first time a the WLDF Worlds for others they had been there before, they knew the drill, the stakes were high. Two years of qualifiers, two years of fundraising, two years or training was all coming to a head in a little town in Enland. The excitement and anticipation was palpable.
Dancers, Dance Teachers, Parents, Family Members and friends all excited and looking forward to reuniting with friends they had made from all the competitions. This is one of the amazing side effects of WLDF, the family atmosphere, the feelings of friendship and positivity. Countries and Dance Schools standing side by side to support one another, not separated by borders, not separated even by the colours or tracksuits they wore, everyone united as one big WLDF family. And boy was the atmosphere electric.
The event was held in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Prelims were held in King Edward VI School with the finals held in the iconic Royal Shakesphere Theatre. The stakes were so high with all dancers striving to make the finals for the chance to walk out on that spectacular stage.


Friday started with the first round of the lyrical solos and set the standard for the the weekend. What a competition it was, all dancers pushing themselves to their limits, trying their best to make that top six and have the chance to dance on the Royal Shakespeare stage. The standard could not have been higher.
Next up was the jazz squads and then the opening ceremony where each school or country showed what they were made of. The choreography was fantastic with a brilliant mix of styles from everyone. Then the lucky top six dancers in all age groups were announced. There were tears, plenty of them, both happy and sad as the dancers learned who would make it to those finals.


Saturday was a very full day and kicked off with the jazz solos, again a fantastic standard. Then came the duos and the caliber of dance in some of them was outstanding. Next came the trio/quads, the supporting solos and the day finished with the Lyrical squads and the parents teams. Everyone then went home to rest before the big day.


The dancers came to compete on that famous stage. The excitement and nerves kicked in and every dancer brought their A game. By the time the presentations came at night the feeling in the theatre was amazing.

€4,000 in Cash Prizes

On top of all of the trophies there was also €4000 cash prizes up for grabs. Who would these lucky winners be? Who would take home this sponsorship money?
When they announced the winners of the sponsorships the dancers chanted the names of the winners. The winners of the solos were announced and the look on the faces of kids who won said it all and how much it meant to them. Again the tears flowed. The whole theater was singing and dancing together and it just showed what WLDF is, which is a global family in dance.


We have to congratulate all of our new WORLD CHAMPIONS, dancers, dance teachers and parents should all be very proud. You did your schools proud. You did your countries proud.
Scotland | Ireland | England | Northern Ireland | South Africa | Iceland
We had an amazing weekend and plans are already being put in place for 2 years time when we will again find the World Champions in Lyrical Dance.

The Future of Lyrical Dance

WLDF is the future of Lyrcial Dance WORLDWIDE. We have just welcomed the USA and Canada into the WLDF family and look forward to seeing how they progress in this fantastic community.

Upcoming WLDF Competitions

As always you can get full information on the WLDF App – make sure you download this free app to your phone to keep up to date.
SCOTLAND : Lyrical All Stars on the 8th of Sept is SOLD OUT
IRELAND : Prima Lyrical on 15th Sept has LIMITED PLACES LEFT
ENGLAND : UK Championships on the 22nd of Sept has LIMITED PLACES LEFT
**** PLEASE BOOK YOUR SCHOOLS NOW – you do not want to miss out ****

WLDF Syllabus

Keep an eye out for info of our new up and coming WLDF Syllibus

Thank You

A big thank you has to go Lyndsey at Jazzsay Photography. The photos are as usual fantastic. If you haven’t yet ordered yours do it now. These are moments you do not want to forget. You can check out all the photos on their Click here to visit the website.