World Lyrcial Dance Federation are excited to announce our brand new WLDF Lyrical Syllabus

This Syllabus will futher cement WLDF as the premier Federation for Lyrical Dance WORLDWIDE

We are inviting all WLDF Members to join in and be a part of the first round of Syllabus Workshops

September will see the first round of auditions commence. We are calling on all WLDF members to participate in the first round of the Syllabus Taster Workshops

As part of this rollout we will be looking to feature some of our members in the official demonstration videos which will accompany the Lyrical Syllabus Booklet.
Each of the workshops will focus on some of the Bronze elements of the Syllabus and after instructions from Lucy and Kimmi, auditions will be held for those dancers who wish to put themselves forward to feature in the demonstration videos.
Once dancers are selected from the audition process, one further intensive workshop will be held for these candidates and they will be whittled down to a small number of participants to feature in the final videos.
At this stage permission will be sought from the parents/guardians of the successful candidates before they are finally selected.
This is a great opportunity for your dancers to get a taste of what is coming within WLDF and the Syllabus is the first step in bringing our teachers to a better understanding of what we are all about.
There are four stages of the Syllabus rollout, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
Successful teachers with a WLDF Platinum certification will be eligible to adjudicate at WLDF competitions internationally.
Each of the workshops is strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
These workshops are already filling up so if you want to participate you need to act fast.
7th September ’19
12pm – 3pm
Dream, Dance, Inspire Studios | 6 Whittle Place | South Newmoor Estate | Irvine
14th September ’19
12 – 3pm
Studio 85 | Unit 21 | 157 Richmond Road | Drumcondra | Dublin 9
Details to follow
Please send the names, IGC number and ages of each of the dancers along with the workshop allocation back to Alan Healy no later than Friday 30th August 2019.
*Please note that any places that are applied for and then cancelled after the closing date MUST be paid for in full as other dancers may have been turned away as a result of your booking.
The WLDF Team are looking forward to the Syllabus rollout and wish all your dancers the very best of luck.