A busy few weeks of Lyrical Dance Competitions | WLDF

We’ve had a very busy few weeks of Lyrical Dance Competitions & its not going to get any quieter anytime soon

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September | A weekend of Lyrical Dance in Scotland

Lyrical Dance Syllabus Workshop | Scotland

Lyrical Dance Competitions | On Saturday schools from all across Scotland and some from Northern Ireland came together at the studio of one of our member schools, DDI in Irvine to begin learning the new syllabus work. The groups were split into under 10 and 11 and over and Lucy and Kimmy took everyone through their paces. At the end of each section everyone was invited to audition to go forward to possibly take part in the instructional videos that will accompany the syllabus when it comes out. The kids were nervous and excited but rose to the challenge and lovely mix of kids from various school were called back and filmed. It was a lovely day and the feedback from teachers and the kids has been great.

Lyrical Stars 2019 | Scotland

Then on the Sunday we all came to Dalry in Ayrshire from all over Scotland. We had schools from as far as Perth and Edinburgh, Fife, Ayrshire, Glasgow and Belfast and Dublin. What an amazing day, over 200 solos which is our most busy day competition in Scotland to date other than the Scottish Championships itself. We had lots of new first timers and the standard of dance from the smallest under 6 to the fantastic pro’s was outstanding. The judges loved it and twice were in tears. A lovely day of lyrical solo, squad and trio and quads which was topped by Karly Pirrie from Ashley Cochrane School of Dance being awarded a Scholarship to Urdang Summer School next year as she was so deserving. Again the feedback from the schools has been great and we are all looking forward to the next competition in Scotland.

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September | A weekend of Lyrical Dance in Dublin

Lyrical Dance Syllabus Workshop | Dublin

Lucy Banfield came over to Dublin from London for a weekend of Lyrical Dance. First up was the Dublin Syllabus Workshops. Just as they had in Scotland the dancers took part in a workshop with the the fabulous Lucy. It was fantastic to see the dancers copying Lucy across the floor, the admiration shining in their eyes. At the end the dancers were picked to go through to the next round.

Prima Lyrical 2019 | Dublin

Sunday was Prima Lyrical – again just as it was in Scotland the day was super busy. Kimmy had flown in to join Lucy to judge for the day & the standard was through the roof. We congratuate all the winners. There have been so many grade changes since, with lots of dancers moving up a level through the ranks. But its not only about the winners. We congratulate every dancer that took part on the day. Each dancer went out & gave it their all, danced their heart out, thats what we love to see at WLDF.

WLDF Lyrical Dance Syllabus

The WLDF Team have been working super hard behind the scenes to bring you this fantastic syllabus. This lyrical dance syllabus will be the cornerstone of Lyrical Dance Worldwide. We at WLDF are setting the bar & we are setting it high. The workshops were all sold out which shows us that the dance schools are behind us. The dancers are behind us. Together we are creating history in the World of Lyrical Dance & we are bringing every dance teacher, dancer & parent along with us.

WLDF Sold Out Competitions

As you have seen by our Facebook & Instagram alot of the upcoming competitions are already sold out. This is a pattern we will see continue. The next big one is Lyrical DOTY. We already have big numbers in from dance schools. Please dance teachers get your numbers in so we can allocate spaces, lose numbers are ok for now & we will give you a shout for the final numbers in a few weeks. As always thank you for your support. Thank you to all the dancers, dance teachers, parents & WLDF Staff – for helping to make WLDF the best lyrical dance competitions worldwide.


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