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Introducing Lyrical Dance Scotland…

On 15 November 2015 the first ever WLDF Scotland competition was held. LWith just a few schools signing on and three schools from Ireland and Northern Ireland coming over, we had a brilliant day. It went so well and set the standard for the years to come. The next competition was in the February of 2016 and by this time word had gotten round and more schools signed on. The word on the street was that people liked the friendly atmosphere and the fact that the teachers and kids got their feedback from the judges and it was all about the dancing.

The ethos of WLDF

People seemed to warm to the ethos of WLDF. At this point I decided to take leave of my senses and after only two competitions decided to hold the Scottish Championships over two days. People thought I was mad, how could I possibly do a weekender after only two comps, but we went into overdrive in WLDF Scotland HQ and started bringing the schools in. We had an amazing two days with schools from all over Scotland and Ireland and the standard was so high that not one but FOUR Urdang scholarships were given out. We did have a fire alarm go off in the middle of the day due to someone spraying deoderant in the toilet and we all ended out in the rain. It was hilarious as we tried to get half the dancers onto and into one of the Irish schools bus. I myself was sitting in the luggage rack under the bus. So after our judges had a good many pictures with the firemen, the comp started up again. It was a fantastic weekend with lots of laughs to go along with the standard of dance which was through the roof.
Since then the Scottish competitions have gone from strength to strength. WLDF Scotland now run 6 Lyrical Dance Competitions a year including the Scottish Championships which this year was sold out nearly 2 months before it happened, with almost 300 dancers. WLDF have new schools coming in all the time and almost all the original schools who joined are still members. We have had 2 brilliant summer camps and the Easter camp we had this year was amazing.

Dance Schools from all over Scotland

WLDF Scotland  now welcome lyrical dance schools from all over Scotland, England and Ireland and even the Icelandic dancers have been over and we hope to see them again soon. The standard in Scotland is so high and to see kids grow from their first competition in 2015 to now being World Champions is so rewarding. At the Lyrical Worlds Scotland had so many finalists and winners in every event that it would take way too long to list them all but in the main lyrical solos alone we had 4 Champions. Not bad for a wee country.
Lyrical Dance Scotland | WLDF | Alan healy and BethAll of the dancers representing Scotland at the WLDF Worlds last Summer were fantastic but today Im giving a special mention to Beth Hay. Beth started with me at Off the Chart School of Performing Arts when she was 3 doing tap, jazz, freestyle, and slow dance. When the school started getting into lyrical competitions she wanted to try that and in 2017 did her first competition. Beth has grown in confidence and is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. This year she moved into level 2 and into under 16 and in her second under 16 level 2 comp became the World Champion. Beth is also an accomplished singer and actor. It’s purely down to the relationship that we have as teacher and pupil and her own super hard work, dedication and feeling for the dance that she is where she is today. Im excited for what the future holds for Beth as she continues on her dancing career.

Looking forward

For WLDF Scotland we are looking forward to taking our Lyrical Competitions all over Scotland. This year sees us head over to the East Coast as well as our home in the west and next year there are plans to go higher up to Perth or Aberdeen and take WLDF to all the dancers there.
I would like to thank Alan for the opportunity of being the Scottish licencee, it has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. A huge thank you to every single school who support us, specially the ones who have stayed with us from the very beginning. I want to say a special thank you to Fiona McKitterick and her merry band of Tadpoles from Belfast. They have been at every single Scottish competition and have become firm friends of mine. And to all the staff who help me. It really is a team effort, massive thank you to them.
So here’s to many more years of amazing dance, constant learning and development and above all laughs.
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