The excitement is building in Dublin, Ireland. As the Lyrical Dance world prepares for one of the biggest Irish Lyrical Dance Competitions of the year | Lyrical dancer of the year ⭐️

Yes it is almost time for Lyrical DOTY.

Dance schools from all over will transend on Dublin in the next few weeks. The last time lots of these dancers competed against each other was at the Lyrical World Championships back in August. This is the next big weekend compeition. What a weekend it will be. We are almost at capacity and there are still over 4 weeks to go. Dance teachers if you haven’t booked your dance school in DO IT NOW. You do not want to miss this Lyrical weekend competition.

This is the second year of Lyrical DOTY, the first one was such a huge success we knew we had to bring this one back.

Lyrical Dancer of the Year

Lyrical DOTY takes place on the 16th and 17th of November 2019, at the Scientology Community Centre in Firhouse. The stage in the Scientology Centre is fantastic, it is such a brilliant experience for the dancers to walk out onto that stage and perform.

All of the top, top Lyrical dancers will attend. From Scotland, Ireland, England, Northern Ireland, Iceland and South Africa, this is the dancers chance to see who can be crowned DANCER OF THE YEAR 2019.

LYRICAL DOTY 2019 – Programme times

Saturday 16th November 2019

Session One:
Doors open 8.30am
9am Open Jazz Squads leading into Jazz Solos and then Lyrical Trios and Quads.

Session Two:
Doors open 4pm
4.15pm Lyrical Impov leading into Lyrical Dancer of the Year 2019

Sunday 17th November 2019

Session Three:
Doors open8.30am
8.45am Lyrical Squads leads into a full day of Lyrical Solos. The day ends with Jazz Improv.

Further detailed schedule is on the app along with pricing


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