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The Home of Lyrical Dance in Scotland | WLDF Scotland

Lets Celebrate WLDF Scotland Gillian McMillan | WLDF Scotland On 15 November 2015 the first ever WLDF Scotland competition was held. With just a few schools signing on and three schools from Ireland and Northern Ireland coming over, we had a brilliant day. It went so well and set the standard for the years to come. [...]

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Lyrical Dancer of The Year | DOTY Countdown

The excitement is building in Dublin, Ireland. As the Lyrical Dance world prepares for one of the biggest Irish Lyrical Dance Competitions of the year. Yes it is almost time for Lyrical DOTY. Dance schools from all over will transend on Dublin in the next few weeks. The last time lots of these dancers competed against [...]

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WLDF Lyrical Dance Competitions

A busy few weeks of Lyrical Dance Competitions | WLDF We've had a very busy few weeks of Lyrical Dance Competitions & its not going to get any quieter anytime soon Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September | A weekend of Lyrical Dance in Scotland Lyrical Dance Syllabus Workshop | Scotland On Saturday schools from all [...]

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WLDF Syllabus Workshops

World Lyrcial Dance Federation are excited to announce our brand new WLDF Lyrical Syllabus This Syllabus will futher cement WLDF as the premier Federation for Lyrical Dance WORLDWIDE We are inviting all WLDF Members to join in and be a part of the first round of Syllabus Workshops September will see the first round of auditions [...]

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World Lyrical Dance Federation | WLDF | World Championships 2019

WLDF World Championships '19 WOW what an amazing event Firstly, thank you to everyone who came to Stratford-upon-Avon for The Worlds. The positive vibes between Dancers, Teachers, Mammies, Daddies and WLDF staff were amazing. This year we were blown away by the high standard from literally every dancer who attended. From the early prelim stages right [...]

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Welcome to WLDF

The Home of Lyrical Dance Founded in Dublin, Ireland, WLDF has become the absolute centre of all things Lyrical Dance. As the company has grown it has branched out into other countries. We have WLDF Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Iceland, USA, South Africa and Canada. But it doesn't stop there. There are lots more countries [...]

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